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Food Stamp Kittens are:
Tony Pelaez - Drums
Patrick Hettle - Vocals, Guitar
Brian Pearce - Guitar, Vocals
Sergei Sorokin - Bass

FSK would like to thank: All our friends and family, the Emerson Theater, Sally Hettle (for all the photos) Tony's mom for letting us destroy her house that week in Dec. 1995, all the bands we played with (X-up, Mission One, Dysfunction, Sico and the Abnormals, The Trash Brats, Nixon Two Step, Race Bannon, Standsill, The Bathroom Ninjas, D.L.F.S., Dead Disney, Embryo, Illithed, and anyone else we played with) All our fans: Thanx for comming to out!

All songs and material by The Food Stamp Kittens. All songs recorded Nov. 1996, remixed Aug. 1998. All material © !PTP! REC.


Foster Hillburn - Guitar Tony Pelaez - Drums This album was recorded one night in 2000 with no practice and no plan, just a desire to create noise, and not play any notes.