I've been taking pictures since I was old enough to press buttons. When I have free time photography is one of the things I enjoy most. Now with technology having progressed so far especially where computers and cameras are concerned it has really become a passion of expression. Ever since the first time I touched Photoshop in 1997 I haven't been the same.



Though many who know me in everyday life find it hard to believe, I originally went to school to be a painter. The whole artschool experience taught me that painting is largely for phonies. I later learned that its not so much so that its for phonies, but rather that its almost entirely irrelevant today. That being said, I'm still a great admirer of art, and the power of painting.



I feel animation, and specifically 3D animation, is one of the most engaging artforms of our generation. Though recently I haven't been devoting as much time to its pursuit as I once did, this remains some of the work that I'm most proud of.



Before Youtube hit the mainstream, there were a group of us at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Video Club who sought to bring the video revolution to the masses through a series of website and bizarre in your face videos.