Tony Pelaez

I'm not one to talk much about myself, but since this is my site I guess its an obligation.

Even though I graduated from art school, I could never figure out how to make any money doing it. Better said, I never wanted to make any money through art. Art after all is a language used to communicate and I won't charge you a penny for a thought. So this site was built to accumulate my many diverse ideas and experiences so that I can share them with you for free.

I started out pursuing a career as a painter, but soon got bored with what has to be a lonely and repetitive life of being an artist. I didn't grow up around computers, but somehow I managed to go to school when computers were revolutionizing how desktop publishing was being done. Suddenly anyone had the power to produce professional quality design material. So I took up multimedia design which has turned me into a self taught computer geek. Since I didn't know anyone who could teach me I bought a cheap html book, and over the course of a thanksgiving break read the whole thing and built my first website for y2k the movie. Though this site was pretty basic, it did get some notoriety from being mentioned in the magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly's subscriber's insert. I had found something that I really enjoy. Since creating that first web page I've build countless others and continue to try to learn new ways to improve what I do. Part of the purpose of this site is to share my art with you, but another part of it is to help others avoid the challenges I've faced while developing by posting tutorials and guides on my blog. So browse around and drop me a line to let me know what you think!

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  —  Bogota, Colombia

Born December 12th 1978 to Ramiro and Nancy Pelaez


  —  Pijnacker, Holland

Moved here at the age of four, after my father was tranfered. Went to Dutch school and learned the language all while forgetting my Spanish.


  —  Hamburg, Germany

Moved here at the age of 6 once again I learned the language and then forgot Dutch


  —  Oakland, CA

Moved to Oakland along with my mother while she went to Mills College


  —  Bogota, Colombia

Moved back to Colombia after an absence of six years


  —  Indianapolis, IN

Once agian back to the U.S.


  —  Chicago, IL

Moved to Chicago to go to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago


  —  Fullerton, CA

After Graduating I moved out to California


  —  Wedding

I married my beautiful wife Vangie in Redondo Beach.